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Proposal submission


The USSEA board and conference organizers cordially invite you to submit proposals and/or artworks for the USSEA/InSEA Endorsed Conference,

June 13-15, 2024.


Submission Deadline: Closed


Acceptance Notification: December 1, 2023


Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Professional Presentation

Conference Theme: Responding to Cultural Crises: Action, Creativity, and Empowerment


Guiding questions for proposals include but are not limited to the following:

  • What is a cultural crisis? What types of cultural crises exist that need our attention?

  • What is the importance of cultural inclusion in the art classroom?

  • How might silenced or invisible cultures enfolded within the Art and Visual Culture Education field impact present(s) and future(s)?

  • What actions of empowerment have evolved within pedagogy?

  • How might alternative perspectives spark student growth and empowerment?


Presentation Formats

  1. Interactive Lecture (Type I: 50 min time slot; Type II: 20 min time slot): Presenters will use the lecture model to deliver an academic paper; best practice topic; or model of creative scholarship. The lecture will conclude with interactive discussions, questions, and answers.

  2. Take-Action Workshop (80 minutes): Each workshop will focus on a key issue related to the conference theme. Actions may include discussions, interactive activities, idea development, and/or creative tasks. Ideas and products resulting from the workshop can be applied to generate outcomes for classroom/community teaching and learning practices, publications, artmaking, exhibitions, and/or performances. 

  3. Student Project Presentation (15 minutes): Presenters should be students or first-year educators. Each will create a 15-minute presentation that concludes with a 5-min Q & A session. There will be 3 presentations per room during a 60 min session time slot.



Presentation Proposal Submission Guidelines

    Title (15-word maximum)

    Catalog Description (45-word maximum)

    Presentation Description (350-word maximum)

    Proposal makes clear and logical connections to conference theme

    Objective and goals identified within an organized narrative

    Relevant and timely content and context provided

    Only the first 3 submissions will be considered


Juried Art Exhibition

This exhibition will showcase selected works from teachers and their students who represent the talent from all areas of the US. The goal of the exhibition is to give teaching artists and students an opportunity to exhibit and inspire conference participants by providing a platform for their work to be displayed in a public venue through a competitive, national, juried exhibition.


  • Eligibility: All PK-12 and Higher Education art teachers; PK-12 and Higher Education students.

  • Submission Requirements: Up to three (total) works per artist (may include a combination of static images and/or video weblinks)

    • Static Submission Requirements: High quality (between 200-250 dpi) digital images are necessary for the juror to see the image quality

    • Video Weblink Submission Requirements: Video quality must be between 720-1020 dpi. Do not send a video file for jurying – only weblink to the video!

  • Teachers may submit student works on their behalf with their permission.


Juried Art Exhibition Submission Guidelines

  • The link should include images/media, artist’s contact information and details of the image (title, size, media, date) that are accompanied with the submission form.

  • Media: Paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, photographs, computer- generated art, digital media and mixed media artwork are eligible for file submission.


For presentation proposal and juried artwork exhibition submission questions contact: 

Borim Song, PhD, Proposals Coordinator 


For conference questions contact:

Mara Pierce, PhD, USSEA President & Conference Co-Chair 


Angela La Porte, PhD, Conference Co-Chair

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